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Eneida Marta

INTRODUCTIONcall her the diva, the music queen of Guinea-Bissau. With a bright smile, a calm step and a full voice she has used for almost 20 years to make 2 dreams come true. The first is to take the sound of her country - one of Africa's least known sounds - to the world. The second, and what she considers her mission, is to make children's live a little better. She was a UNICEF ambassador for that very reason and left her position because she felt tied up. Along the way, music, always. Her fifth album  "Ibra" was released in 2019.
YOUTHEneida Marta was born in 1972, a year before Guinea-Bissau gained independence and the leader of the independence struggle Amilcar Cabral was murdered by order of the Portugese secret service. Despite these turbulent times, she says she had a carefree and happy childhood in newly independent Guinea-Bissau. Although Eneida Marta was born and raised in Bissau, she has a mixed background with a Cape Verdean father and ancestors from Por…

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